//Rumor: AMD could launch third-gen Ryzen and Radeon Navi at Computex

Rumor: AMD could launch third-gen Ryzen and Radeon Navi at Computex

Can you believe we’re already three months into 2019? Somebody pull the brakes on this train. Of course, that’s impossible, so we’re left barreling at full speed toward Computex at the end of May. You can put your money down that all sorts of products will be previewed or even will premiere at the show in Taiwan, and we wager that few are more anticipated than those coming from AMD. We all have our own educated guesses at AMD’s near-future plans, but the Taiwan External Trade and Development Council (TAITRA) may have tipped the company’s hand a bit.

In the above-linked press release, TAITRA announces that Computex will, for the first time ever, have its opening keynote speech before the show actually opens at the pre-show international press conference. None other than AMD CEO Dr. Lisa Su herself will conduct the keynote speech, titled “The Next Generation of High-Performance Computing.” The press release doesn’t explicitly say what Dr. Su will discuss, though it does mention the executive will “highlight new details of upcoming products.”

Our buddies over at TechPowerUp took things a step further this morning, bombastically stating that AMD will launch or unveil a new generation of both Ryzen and Radeon processors at the show, with products coming in June. The site doesn’t list its sources, but such a statement seems at least plausible given what we’ve heard in the past. TechPowerUp goes on to specifically state that the site expects AMD to launch or unveil “at least four” new product lines, and suggests EPYC and Instinct as the third and fourth possible reveals—a claim that sounds more dubious to us.

Whatever may happen after, the only confirmed info is that Dr. Lisa Su will have some big news for us at her keynote kicking off Computex on May 27. When the time comes, expect to read all about whatever she says right here.